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Like the legendary Queen, Esther displays courage and wit when an older bully tries to steal her gragger. The appendix helps readers understand the history of Purim, how it is celebrated today, what a “gragger” is, and how to make a simple noisemaker. Following the award-winning The Dreidel That Wouldn't Spin, author Martha Seif Simpson and illustrator D. Yael Bernhard have again created a new toyshop tale of playful language and images that hint at ancient roots and hidden meanings, which are just waiting for young readers to find.

The Dreidel That Wouldn't Spin: A Toyshop Tale of Hanukkah


In this beautiful holiday story, the joy of the Hanukkah miracle will warm the heart of young and old alike with its simple message: wonders still occur for those who understand the true spirit of the holiday. Includeds an appendix that explains Hanukkah and how to play the dreidel game.




What NOT to Give Your Mom on Mother's Day


What makes a good Mother's Day present? How about some worms, a rotting log, a mud puddle, or mosquitoes? Probably not unless she is a bird, a salamander, a pig, or a bat. A little boy advises what NOT to give, and comes up with the perfect gift.







Bringing Classes into the Public Library: A Handbook for Librarians


Encouraging the collaboration of professionals in public libraries and local schools, this comprehensive guide presents a detailed framework for a versatile program of class visits. The book addresses procedures, planning and implementation, and offers suggestions for both elementary and secondary school visits. Informational packets and other print materials are provided for each level. Possible challenges are discussed, with thoughts on their impact on the overall program and ways to find workable solutions. The appendices contains easily adaptable templates including sample schedules, letters to teachers and evaluation forms.





StoryCraft: 50 Theme-Based Programs Combining Storytelling, Activities and Crafts for Children in Grades 1-3


StoryCraft is an award-winning library program that combines storytelling with crafts in an exciting and engaging activity for children in first through third grades. Each program includes storytelling, a craft, movement, activities, music, and discussion. This book is out of print. Contact Martha if you want to purchase.

Reading Programs for Young Adults Complete Plans for 50 Theme-Related Units for Public, Middle School and High School Libraries


Looking for ideas to capture the interest of tweens and teens? Here you will find 50 theme-based units  that are designed for young adults. The units are highly flexible, allowing any public or school library to adapt them to their particular needs. This book is out of print. Contact Martha if you want to purchase.



Summer Reading Clubs: Complete Plans for 50 Theme-Based Library Programs


Children need to keep their minds active during school vacation to avoid the dreaded "summer slide" - forgetting what they learned during the school year. Librarians and teachers know that the best way to do that is by providing a fun-filled summer reading program that will get kids into the public library. Here are plans for 50 successful summer reading programs for children in grades K-7 that will guarantee a summer full of fun, activity, and reading! This book is out of print. Contact Martha if you want to purchase.